A worker processes wood at a sawmill. (Shutterstock, Vano Vasaio)

Timber Jobs Matter


Conclusions from a Headwaters Economics report on timber-dependent communities in Idaho are incorrect – analyzing the wrong variables and using the wrong statistical test.

Diamond Products of Helena sells kitchen and janitorial supplies, floor care products and concentrated cleaners like Dazzle.

Buying Genuine Montana


There are a variety of products that bear the Made in Montana mark and it seems to be cropping up everywhere. But what does it mean to be Made in Montana?

Bitcoin in Montana


Bitcoin has been all over the news lately thanks to its meteoric rise last year. So, what is Bitcoin and what are its implications for Montanans?

Railroad Earth perform at the Wilma in Missoula. (Neubauer Media)

Arts Equal Big Business


It’s no secret that Missoula has a vibrant arts and entertainment industry. Art shows, music concerts and movie festivals fill the city every weekend.

Poverty with a View


Buying a house in Montana can be hard. A recent Gallup study found 45 percent of Montanans were dissatisfied with the availability of good affordable housing.

The Montana Senate chamber in Helena. (Nagel Photography)

Montana’s Revenue Woes


There has always been a lot of confusion in discussions about tax revenues in Helena. More accurately, there is confusion when these discussions circulate outside the political…

Don’t Tie Me Down


The way Montanans regulate seat belt use can be confusing. It is illegal in Montana for an adult to ride in a car or truck without wearing a seat belt…

One Beer at a Time


For years, northwestern Missoula was a declining industrial district with shuttered warehouses and empty industrial areas, lacking places to drink and socialize. Then in…

The Economic Impact of the Bakken


The American energy boom began with improvements in technology. Advances in geophysics, nanotechnology, engineering and production management led to the shale-energy revolution and a…